(((SOLD OUT))) Ojai Face decal Black Friday Cyber Monday 12 pack deal

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Ojai Decal Holiday Dozen Deal. Order 12 and save!

Edit: 12/2/19 This deal is sold out. Thank you for shopping and for your continued support.

I have a limited stock of decals right now that I am offering at the old price when you buy a 12 pack.

I have a limited amount of 12 packs, so order NOW NOW NOW.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Together we spread and share the sunny Ojai love!

Shine on!

Chris T.

Decals are available in Ojai for $4 each at the following locations:

Ojai Creates 606 E. Ojai Ave
Heavenly Honey 206 E Ojai Ave
Fig Curated Living 327 E Ojai Ave
Point de Chene 108B N Signal St
Bart’s Books 302 W Matilija St

Nice Shout out from Vampire Weekend on their return to Instagram

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to wake with a note from local photographer friend Ben Bishop who @’d me on an Instagram post by @vampireweekend. Seems they are dropping hints about being in Ojai.
Here’s their Instagram post

Vampire Weekend, Ojai Face, Ojai Decal, Ojai Valley, Upper Ojai
Straight from this blog, the original Ojai Face decal image. Thanks VW fellas







I will keep you all posted about further developments if anything comes of this.

Here’s the original post from August 27,2011:
Here it is version two of the Ojai Smiley Face Decal. This is a 3.3 inch high quality vinyl decal with a 5-7 year life expectancy. That’s a lot of Ojai sticker enjoyment for only $5.

Ojai Face Chris Wilson smiley face decal sticker California

Upper Ojai Fire Relief T-shirt Design ((((SOLD OUT))))

While the Thomas Fire rages through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in Southern California, we are dealing with its aftermath here in my home region of the upper Ojai valley.
I created this t-shirt design as a souvenir of this beyond epic event and to help those most in need who lost their homes and everything they owned.
I will be donating all proceeds to the campaign at Upper Ojai Relief less USPS 1st class or priority shipping.



thomas fire, upper ojai fire relief, t-shirt
My neighbor Greg stayed behind to defend our road against the fire. Get a shirt just like his and support those who weren’t as lucky as us.

Thomas Fire Ojai Rise T-shirt Fund Raising design effort

Rise up Ojai, like a Phoenix rises from the ashes. That’s my Ojai dealing with the massive destruction of Thomas Fire This t-shirt design is sold to raise money for fire victims in need in the Ojai Valley. Or you can order below. I will be coordinating with relief efforts in the Valley to determine where to channel funds raised from this t-shirt. Get a souvenir and help those who lost everything and are choking on the smoke. Ugh this sucks. Lets make it better together. 100 heather peach super soft tees donated by Bella Canvas

The Ojai Rise fund raising shirt to support the Ojai people displaced and affected by the Thomas Fire
The Ojai Rise fund raising shirt to support the Ojai people displaced and affected by the Thomas Fire


Unisex Sizes

Ojai Face Decal Multi-Pack DEAL… Buy more and save!

THE ORIGINAL OJAI SMILEY FACE DECAL SALE, Select the “dozen deal” in the drop down below and get 12 decals for $48. OR buy 3 FOR $13.50 OR 1 FOR $5. PLUS FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA.

From the sunniest, magicalest valley on Earth. Follow me @iamchristwilson on Instagram.

To REPRESENT your love of our fuzzy, thick, warm valley, I offer you the Ojai Smiley Face Decal. This is a 3.5 inch high quality vinyl decal sports a 5-7 year life expectancy when stuck to a car window or bumper. Valued at a lifetime of Ojai enjoyment for only $5 (or less when you buy in bulk!.

Ojai Face Chris Wilson smiley face decal sticker California

Multi-Pack Sale Options

Paul Blackthorne and Mister Basquali on Don’t LOOK at ME! Podcast 018

Paul Blackthorne, Mister Basquali, Ojai, Podcast
Paul Blackthorne, me and Mister Basquali

Actor Paul Blackthorne had me over to his Ojai home recently and he said I could bring my microphones. He has a great house.  I like it because its both modern and rustic. Plus its hillside location and thick stand of pine and oak, make it seem perfectly tucked. Shoes off please. I like that.

Perhaps you’re aware of Paul’s documentary This American Journey. It was shown in a special screening at the 2013 Ojai Film Festival. Now its available on Amazon (use my banner link, thanks) and Hulu. Well, on this visit to Paul’s place he and photographer Mister Basquali were conspiring on the followup to their New York-Los Angeles road trip documentary.

British born Blackthorne and Australian bred Basquali both dreamed of living in the US as children. It’s fun to hear them talk about how their lives were transformed by America. And how their desire to be a part of this country has shaped their destinies.

On the television, Blackthorne plays Detective Quentin Lance on the CW Network show Arrow. Mister Basquali is a renowned art and commercial photographer who owns the Smooch Cafe in Brooklyn, NY’s Fort Greene neighborhood.

Here’s a clip of Paul Blackthorne on ER

I needed an extra mic to record our interplay, so I worked a deal with Don and Patricia over at Cardinali Brother’s Music in Meiners Oaks. Don did a little work on my guitar too. Great folks. Happy they exist. Take some lessons, buy a guitar!

Todd Hannigan on Don’t Look At ME podcast 017

todd hannigan, brotheryn studios, recording, mixing, podcast, interview, voice over, recording
Todd Hannigan and me in his recording studio.

Little Black Kitty makes an intro.

This will likely be my last podcast of 2013. I’m traveling to Holland, Belgium and France for the holidays and will put up some more fresh interviews in January. This has been a great year, I washed a lot of windows, printed a bunch of t-shirts and met some really cool people that I now consider friends. Doing this podcast has really pushed me creatively. I’ve grown in my appreciation of Ojai and I’m even more committed to partaking in the swirling magic of our local community.

Todd Hannigan makes a big inspiring impact on me in this interview. I enjoyed very much geeking out in his state of the art recording studio. Seeing and hearing that sweet high tech gear makes me wanna drain my bank account on a microphone or two. All in good time. But what I really like about Todd is his commitment to an underlying principal of sustainability, community and positive world stewardship. Its seems obvious to me that he’s grateful to be in Ojai feeding into and on the great vibes we have here for making art and having a beneficial impact on the whole world. I can even hear that in the song he sings near the end of the interview. I’m glad you’re tuned in here and I hope you enjoy my visit with Todd.

Todd’s personal website toddhannigan.com has a bunch of songs on it and more info on him. Todd’s recording studio Brotheryn Studios dot com will give you the further low down on how he’s spreading the good sounds around.

Another gift in 2013 came in the form of a little black ball of mewing fur. She started hanging around the barn so I started feeding her and now we’re getting pretty used to each other. She’s a good talker and enjoys time on the mic. She is the Little Black Kitty.

See you ’round town.

Steve Sprinkel on Don’t Look at ME podcast 16

Steve Sprinkel, Farmer and the Cook, Ojai, organic, market, restaurant, meiners oaks,
Farmer Steve Sprinkel and me

Since 2001 Steve Sprinkel and Olivia Chase — The Farmer and The Cook respectively — have been serving up organic food at their casual corner grocery and restaurant in the Ojai Valley borough of Meiners Oaks. It’s real good food.

On this episode of the podcast, Sprinkel sits down with me in his humming organic office at the market and we discuss the state of affairs with local, regional and national issues around farming food production and regulation. If that seems boring, quit being so negative. Steve is a local legend and a regional and national expert on these issues, plus he’s one of the most entertaining characters I know in town. I think you’ll enjoy this episode and likely want to tell a friend or neighbor about it.

I’m grateful for the Farmer and the Cook because they support my window washing efforts at their store and they now carry the “Organic Or Else” tie dyed tote bags that are printed by my hands with an ominous image of Sprinkel’s mug.

organic, tote bag, tie dye, organic or else, steve sprinkel, ollivia chase, ojai, meiners oaks, farmer and the cook
The Organic Or Else tote bag by christwilson available exclusively at Farmer and the Cook

I couldn’t resist. Go in there to the store at 339 W. El Roblar Drive in Meiners Oaks and check out the bags, the windows, the people, the soup and the bulk foods… for starters.

And kindly enjoy this conversation, brought to you in part by the Ojai App for your smartphone, now with the 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide. Get it on your phone and keep up with your local community more completely.

Cheers and thank you so much for supporting and listening and commenting and saying “hello” when I’m out and about in our beautiful paradise valley home. Goodness we’re the fortunate few.