Donate Today: Chris T. Wilson is The Cause

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Help rebuild this picket fence. Donate today to the Chris T. Wilson tooth fund.
I’m happy but not proud of this picture. If anything, busting a tooth has shown me the power of my own vanity. I have spent so much time staring into mirrors for the past few months. As if deep study will somehow miraculously clear this blemish from my mouth. These long hours of contemplation have served to chip away at my silly old ego. I have a choice on how to react. Yes, a part of me is embarrassed to be seen this way. I’m laughing at myself and this lesson in balance and flow.
It happened on Father’s Day weekend, June 18 after a fun beer tasting event in town. I tumbled at home in a dark corner of the driveway and face planted on a rock.  I split open my lip and broke a primary vanity chomper. They call it number 9 at the dentist office.
Now without insurance I’m over $1,000 into this toothless grin and I’ve got about $2,000 more to pull together in the next few months. I will gladly appreciate your help as I continue my efforts to bring smiles to the community with my products, services and writings.
Is this a smile you love? Then consider being a real part of its restoration. I’ll accept any amount. If you have $10 and want to share, I take it. For donations of $100 or more I will grant naming rights to be announced in a grand ceremonial proclamation on coronation day.
I’ve been in bone socket matrix healing and generation mode since the extraction and cadaver bone powder pack surgery on June 21. Placement of the titanium implant post will happen some time in late October. My understanding from Dr. Clark, the oral surgeon in Oxnard who will set the implant, is that the final crown can be placed a few months later. Dr. Westbury in Oak View is the dentist who will conduct the grand coronation. Both of these doctors are consummate gentlemen and professionals. I’ve done a fair amount of research and shopping around and believe I’ve found the best in the business in our area. If you ever need dental work or oral surgery, I fully endorse and recommend Dr. Clark and Dr. Westbury. Their pricing is very reasonable, but it still seems expensive and that’s why I am asking for your help.
I know you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a cause to support. And I’m grateful to live in a world where, as a community we come together and support each other. Thank you for all the smiles you’ve brought to my life. I promise to keep having fun for each and every one of you.
Click on that yellow button and give till it stops hurting. Thank you!