The Coronation of #9

I bought a bicycle helmet today. A green Bern with a patented visor. First thing I did after getting it home was stick an Ojai Smiley Face right round on the backside of it. It’s a gift to myself and an acknowledgement of the importance of my head.

Bern Helmet, tooth, implant, dentist, Ojai, Oxnard
Yours truly sporting my gappy grin and a new Bern cycling helmet

I mention that I got a helmet first because I’ve been obsessed with cycling recently. Possessed even. Dreaming of big rides over many hundreds of miles. And I want to put energy into this festering dream. I like the slow lane. I enjoy the details along the shoulder.

I bought myself a gift because in one week, I’ll be leaned back all leisurely like while Dr. Joe Westbury in Oak View fits me with a custom milled titanium abutment to which he super glues a custom fitted, dyed and stained┬áporcelain crown. That gap in my smile is where old number 9 used to live. He was a little crooked and his replacement will be bulletproof and straight.

In my last update back in September, when I asked for donations, (see your yellow button opportunity below) my body was healing a hole-full of cadaver leavings into a lattice work of solid bone tissue. On the afternoon of November 4 Dr. Clark and oral surgeon with an office in Oxnard slashed open my gum line, fired up a boring device and made way in my jaw for a petite titanium screw with external and internal threads and a nifty antenna, i’m convinced, that helps the tooth fairy keep tabs on me. It also picks up Mexican radio so I’m glad I like polkas and accordions.

All told this project gumline is setting me back about $3,500. So if you’re inclined, put a portion of your wealth and good fortune toward a cause that has a mind, a passion and a hard-earned sense to strap on a helmet before an adventure. It’ll come back to you tri-fold. I’m the kind of odd that’s in your favor.

I don’t ask for your help because I need it, I ask because I want it and I want you to be a part of my mouth for years to come. Thank you.

My video recipe for extreme beach cruiser fuel smoothy power drink

Beach Cruiser, Schwinn, Extreme, Ojai Valley, Cycling
My Extreme Beach Cruiser near the top of Dennison Grade, Ojai Valley

I’ve been riding my bike a lot the past few days to strengthen and tone, enjoy nature and drop a few holiday indulgence pounds. I live in Southern California and the weather has been ideal for riding lately. I’m pretty fortunate, I know.

When I ride, I like to push myself. I love to climb, and so my motto is: the worst part is knowing that it’s possible.

In order to facilitate this extreme adventure, I need high energy fuel. Here’s a smoothy recipe video I made up from things I had in the cupboards and the refrigerator. Enjoy!

Make this recipe your own and let me know the flavors you’ve added or subtracted. I’d love to hear about it.


  • 1/2 Pear
  • 1/2 Apple
  • 1 raw egg (or not)
  • 1 frozen banana peeled
  • 2 TBS green super food powder
  • 2 TBS hemp protein powder
  • 1 TBS hemp seed oil
  • 6 ozs. almond milk

Use organic think small and visit my sponsors:

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