Rolled up on a very nice Dude yesterday on the Ojai Valley Trail

The Dude Jeff Bridges and me Chris T. Wilson on the bike path in Ojai

So I drove into downtown Ojai and parked my car in front of my beloved Art Center (have I mentioned that I’m PR person on their board of trustees?) and took my bike down for a little ride to my dentist in Oak View.


After learning that I have three cavities and that Dr. Joe Westbury lives a quiet life in Meiners Oaks, I hopped back on the extreme coaster cruiser and huffed it back up the bike path to town. Just past the “Y” on the path adjacent to the Ojai Valley Inn I noticed a big man with long gray hair and a beard ambling along the path with a petite crop coiffed blonde. Even from 30 or 40 feet, I thought whoa that looks like The Dude. And then as I pedaled past the couple I confirmed my suspicions with a nod and a smile that he warmly returned. The Dude Abides.

I attempted to talk to my phone and google voice a text message to my BooBoo Sonia Erneux but that wasn’t working so I thumbled it into my phone as I rode along. I was mildly struggling with myself over whether to go back and bother him and had basically resigned myself to be satisfied having seen him whatever. Then Sonia texted back that I had to get a picture of him. So I went back.

I’ve met or seen other celebrities but you have to admit Jeff Bridges is pretty fucking spectacular. I said “Excuse me, permission to approach.” He said “Yeah sure.” I said, “Nice to see you, would it be OK for us to have a picture together?” He was like, “Yeah sure man.” So I took off my green helmet, pulled my trusty Canon G11 from my purse. His wife reached for the camera and said, “Here, let me take the picture of you two.” I handed the camera to her. While she was trying to figure out how to turn it on, I asked, “Does my hair look alright?” He said, “It looks great.” and then pinched my little thin crest and straightened it gently while putting a big old monster bear hug on my shoulder. The Dude is Huge dude, seriously. I returned the favor and we smiled together for what seemed a pleasant micro-eternity. He must have liked me, just look at his nipple. Finally he let go and he said, “Maybe you can help us out too. Can you tell us how to get back into this hotel?” I was like, “Yeah you’re almost there. There’s a gate right up there off the path.” I was like, “How long are you in town for?” And he said, “Just for one night.” I was like, “Cool, it was great to meet you. Have a fun time in Ojai.” Then I gave him an Ojai Face decal and a window washing postcard. And said, “If you’d like to get your windows washed, give me a jingle.”

I wonder when he’ll call?

Just Minden my own business – a small town t-shirt design

I’ve been traveling from my home in lovely Ojai, California each year up north and east over the mountains into the Carson Valley of Northern Nevada. My friend Todd lives there with wife Stephanie and two lovely children. So, I came up with a silly t-shirt idea and made design for his town of Minden.

Minden Nevada T-shirt
Just Minden my own business t-shirt design and print by Chris Wilson