The Ojai Face at the Village Pharmacy special for Ojai Day and beyond

Ronelle Wood of Ojai Healing Movement shot and edited the video. Good job Ronelle.

The lovely owners of Ojai Village Drug agreed this past week to let me do something I’ve wanted for a fairly long time. I got to paint a giant 53″ Ojai Face on the pharmacy window.

christwilson, Ojai, CA, ojai t-shirts, decals
just christwilson painting another self portrait.

Since this was a monumental event for me (I’m fond of small thoughts) I called up my buddy Joe who had his gal Ronelle come over and take a few pics of the process. This all happened Friday afternoon on the eve of Ojai Day.

Ojai Face at Village Pharmacy Ojai, California
That's a happy window! Get your shirts and decals inside.