Bought some cacao powder based on the cool logo

Last night at Farmer & The Cook, I picked up a box of 100% Organic Cacao Powder from Ojio foods. I was really drawn to the logo for its face-like design similar to the Ojai Face.

Ojio logo shirt mockup
I mocked up an organic cocoa colored woman's t-shirt with the Ojio logo. Yummy superfood t-shirt.

So, this morning, while making my Bulletproof-style coffee, (thinking of making a video of this) I decided to add a few tablespoons of this Ojio Cacao Powder to my blend and wow, that was good. It makes for a thicker richer coffee made in a Bodum Stovetop Espresso Maker, and then blended with Organic Valley Grass Fed Pasture Butter and Earth Circle Organics Coconut Oil AND Cacao Powder. Boom

Ojio Ultimate Superfoods logo
I love the OJIO logo so much I mocked up some t-shirts to show the company.

So then I’m loving on the Ojio logo because it makes me smile so I spent some time on their website of specialty inspired superfoods, and I’m happy to see that the parent company Ultimate Superfoods is located nearby in Moorpark, California. I took a nice picture of the box, played with it in photoshop, saved a couple pics of chocolate colored organic Anvil blank t-shirts and mocked up a promotional t-shirt design.

So, there you go Ojio, what do you say?