Don’t Look At Me podcast Episode 004 with Fire Wolf Skip Schuckmann

Skip Schuckman, Dont Look At Me, Ojai, Podcast, Chris T Wilson
Artist Skip Schuckmann joins me for episode 4 of the podcast

What a gift to know Skip Schuckmann. This man’s ability to rap has challenged my ability to apprehend for nearly a dozen years now. He was one of my earliest friends and mentors in Ojai; providing me with a place to live, a car to drive and words of wisdom that dwell within me to this day.

We laugh at the outset of the conversation realizing that we’ve been visiting for the first 20 minutes or so without recording. Still we pick up and have a wonderful talk that I hope you enjoy and learn from. I’m enlightened further.

From the Kiva’s he’s built at the Ojai Foundation, Full Circle Farm and creek side hovels at Casa Barranca to the fire heated soaking tub and free form art he created on the back patio of the art gallery experiment he co-created in downtown Ojai in 2001, Skip has been a dynamic aspect of what is the fringe creative element that has been swirling in the Ojai Valley since long before it was given that name. That means a lot to me even if it is hard to put into words. I like how it feels to try and practically apply his wisdom to my own life and there-in find my own wisdom.

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I’m looking forward to my next few guests. I think you’ll like them too. Have fun out there. Thanks for listening, talking about it, sharing with your friends and supporting this hand made media with your donations and attention. Until next week. Enjoy!

Don’t Look At Me podcast episode 003 with Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey, science, teacher, Ojai, podcast, surfing, interview, ukulele, dont look at me
Jim Bailey is a good angel knowledge fountain. May every shoulder have one.

Famous and popular Ojai Science Teacher Jim Bailey schools me for episode 3 of the Don’t Look At ME Podcast. You are in for a treat. I’m so fortunate to have a few good friends and grateful to have them willing to participate in this experiment in recorded conversation.

Jim Bailey breaks it down for us with the scientific wisdom and knowledge of the likes of zoologist Richard Dawkins and paleontologist Richard Leakey.

Mister Bailey makes the learning so easy to digest when he enlightens us further with his recent implementation of “bulletproof” bio-hacking techniques. I mention 4-Hour biohacker Tim Ferris and personal development obsessionist Steve Pavlina. See Pavlina’s blog for some interesting mind dumping.

Then Mister Bailey tickles his ukulele and serenades our sweet ear drums with a song from which I drew liberally to make today’s episode’s bumper music. Even if you have to skip forward (if you think you can handle missing any sweet drop of this conversational nectar) you’re going to want to hear Jim sing.

But first I dial up my son Elijah Wilson and he talks about “going pro” in his quest for new experiences and maintaining a strong youthful physical form. Apparently he is inspired to try screen printing and stencil design, and he’s trying to figure out his Speedball screen printing kit. He likes go-get-’em-tiger reminders from the likes of Steven Pressfield and Seth Godin. He may get lost in Mitch Hedberg interviews and then he’s leapt across the metaphorical world reading interviews with Sacramento punk, hip hop, noise band Death Grips. Thanks to Minneapolis bike shop Sunrise Cyclery, Elijah can listen to himself from the saddle as he thinks of new jokes and freezes his bones in the mid-west.

Steven Pressfield Ojai Quote
This quote about Ojai alone makes this book a worthwhile read. War of Art by Steven Pressfield

That’s the essence of my inspiration friends. I even put a couple sound effects in this one. Terrence McKenna says “Harry Weiner” and we remember episode 001 bumper musician’s La Chat.

Thanks for being here with me. This podcast is now available for listening through iTunes and smartphone app Stitcher. Subscribe, listen, comment, rate. Share the facebook fan pagewith your “friends,” comment on iTunes. I love your constructive feeback and suggestions. Follow @christwilson on Twitter and tweet at me like my home state’s official bird the Western Goldfinch.

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Don’t Look At ME podcast 002 with Richie B. Smith

Richie Smith, Dick Smith, Azu, Blues Bullet, Drummer, metal, blues, podcast, don't look at me, Ojai, California
Richie B. and Me on Episode #2 woohoo

Had some fun hangin’ with my long time friend Richie B. Smith of Azu and the band Blues Bullet. This episode is much more free form conversation and less interview, but there are interview elements in our talk. Like Aldous Huxley told them to remember at that school down the road, Aun Apprendo – I am still learning.

I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t enjoy it, I hope you listen anyway. And if you decide not to listen, well, remember that I’ve got a new episode coming out next week. But then I’m sure you’ll listen, right?

This episode is in a fairly raw form, almost no editing other than to put up the monologue and closing comments and talking over the music. Using a mixing board is all new to me, so bare with me as a re-learn the art of the mix. I did run sound for a folky Christian band in the early 90s, so I’ll get the hang of it again. This coming week I will figure out how to avoid the pops in the next episode. My audio seemed to be fine and pop free but Richie’s PPPowerful PPPresence or the gain or something was too hot and makes for a bit of a bumpy ride. Bare with me. HEHHEHEEE.

Follow today’s guest Richie Smith on twitter @richiebsmith follow me @christwilson there too. His band Blues Bullet has a facebook fan page that you can “like” all you want.

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I have submitted this podcast to itunes and am waiting for the review process to complete, at which point I will write a post confirming that the itunes feed has gone live. That is supposed to take about 24 hours. We shall see. But when it’s up I will publish that link.

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Here's the logo for the Don't Look At Me Podcast

Enjoy and feel free to email me with your comments and constructive critiques:

peace and love



Don’t Look At Me Podcast 001 with filmmaker Micah Van Hove

Micah Van Hove filmmaker Menthol Movie
Micah Van Hove knows how to stay warm in a winter barn.

Well, here you go, I’m just going to do it. Better done than perfect is not a bad motto in life.

This is the first episode of Don’t Look At Me podcast which originates from a barn studio in the rural Ojai Valley. Here-in I interview Micah Van Hove filmmaker who is working on his debut full-length feature, titled Menthol

I hope you enjoy it and my brief aside with my podcasting and performance inspiration Elijah Wilson.

Learn more about Micah on his website and on the film site: Menthol Movie. His twitter is @umuima follow him he’s going places.

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Thank you so much for listening, have a great weekend.

Yours truly Chris T. Wilson

“Don’t Look At Me” a new podcast from yours truly: Chris T. Wilson

Chris T. Wilson, Don't Look At Me Podcast, Upper Ojai, CA, Podcast
Smiling makes me a lot more interesting.

For the past year or so I’ve been a pretty faithful podcast listener. It all started with wanting to have fresh content to listen to while I wash windows or screen print Ojai Face and Squeegee Power t-shirts. My son Elijah made a few listening suggestions too that have really changed my life.

He got me started on WTF with Marc Maron, pretty much the grand-daddy of all podcasts currently. I’ve been known to listen to Joe Rogan, Alec Baldwin, This American Life, Harry Shearer’s Le Show and a few others. What I came to realize is that this medium allows nearly anyone to create content and share it. How could I resist? I fricken love being creative.

Knowing that the hardest part of any new venture is being willing to dive in, get to work and figure things out, I did just that. The process began with lots of online reading, comparing systems and options for recording audio and publishing it on the Internet for people to hear and enjoy. This led to days in online shopping audio equipment rabbit holes. Lots of time lost in the bowels of’s user reviews and home recording forums.

Finally after ruminating for days on end, I gave myself over to the buy button and let the electronic dollars flow. Over the past few weeks I made a few purchases: 2 used Shure SM57 mics on ebay, mic stands and headphones on Amazon (use my sponsor link and support me and my podcast habit) and a simple Behringer USB audio mixer from American Musical Supply.

The initial intention is to practice my mic and recording technique. I have to find a new voice, develop my style and find the theme that emerges as the dominant force in my burgeoning yet very narrow broadcast. I intend to use the podcast as a means for increasing my window washing and screen printing products business for sure. I will also openly be aiming my intentions at finding advertisers and sponsors to fund and fuel my further bus rides down the narrow paths of meaningless thought in the face of meaning making. And in the process I intend to interview the wonderful, wild, winsome and wacky people who I know and want to know more here in Ojai and beyond this Valley.

I’ve got a bit to learn about RSS feeds, Itunes subscriptions and podcast production and promotion and development, not to mention learning to speak in a clear and concise manner. All totally doable.

I will be publishing my first episode officially this coming Friday, January 4, 2013. Listen for it. It’s gonna be a w00t. Or, more likely a sleepy, boring, bedtime story. Together, we shall hear.