Sonia Erneux on Dont Look At Me Podcast 008

Sonia Erneux, Love Tanjane, tie dye, dresses, women's clothing, Chris T. Wilson, Ojai, California, podcast, interview, Upper Ojai, art, painting, drinking, red wine, alcohol
My BooBoo Sonia Erneux visits with me in the garden.

Been a little sick for the past week. Upper respiratory congestion, plugged bronchials and so on. I won’t bore you. So I kindly asked my Booboo Sonia if she’d be on the mics with me this week and it turned out wonderfully. Sonia designs Love Tanjane her clothing line that’s produced locally and sells all over the world. She blogs pretty regularly on matters of decor and design, art and food and other things she finds inspiring here: StuffSoniaLoves. She posts her paintings on her other blog: SoniaPaintsStuff. We talk about art and alcohol, sing Sugarman over and over again, and giggle.

I catch up with my baby boy Enoch Wilson on the phone. We discuss his IMDB profile and role in the Jack Me movie of 2008 that’s available on Amazon instant video. To see his comic lines and his brother Elijah’s confessions as well in this very bad parody of the Super Size Me documentary, skip forward to minute 47:00. Those scenes were shot at Happy Valley School in the commons during the summer of 2007 I think.

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I mention the Calton Institute’s book Rich Food Poor Food. They are on the Bullet Proof Executive’s blog. I’ll be setting up the affiliate banner for Bullet Proof Exec soon. On the podcast front, I enjoy Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast and want to acknowledge it. Figure it out… Enjoy this show.

Ojai Face design day.

I went kinda crazy on the Ojai Face designs today. I got out of bed this morning and my son Elijah had emailed me a link to a piece by Hunter S. Thompson from 1955. It is titled Security and the legendary Gonzo journalist in all of his 18 year old wonder waxes eloquently about avoiding the rut of security and making life an adventure.

Ojai Face, smiley face, ojai, gonzojai, hunter s. thompson, fear and loathing, depp,
We were somewhere on the edge of Oak View when the drugs began to take hold.

Well that inspired me to make a GONZOJAI Ojai Smiley Face variant with a HST theme. I like how it has a sort of racoon, nighttime, Hamburgaler feel to it. Really makes me smile.

I took this nudge from the muse and kept going. I made the screen, had several puffs of light hit me from above and then made some more magic on the computer. Easily distracted, I wandered to the garden and laid in the hammock for 7 minutes. Sweet release ran through me, and I was at it again.

Pulling an old image from my smart Samsung Charge phone. It really does take a decent picture. Better than any iPhone images I’ve been in. While I’d been at a job last week, I saw a note pad from a regional airport and I snapped a quick picture of it with my phone and went on. Here’s what I made. Again, a variant on the Ojai Smiley face, this time with the dream of an airplane and a wind sock limp in the afternoon lull.

ojai t-shirt, airplane, airport, ojai, california, ojai face, smile, screen printing, cessna
Fly Ojai Airport how convenient.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I have to add these to my store. What a great day.

Quin Shakra on Don’t Look At Me Podcast 007

Chris T. Wilson and Quin Shakra at Mano Farm in Meiners Oaks
Me and Quin Shakra at Mano Farm in Meiners Oaks

Hello, I’m happy to have Quin Shakra as my guest today on Don’t Look At Me podcast. Quin runs Mano Farm and All Good Things Organic Seed company. We have an interesting visit that touches on local geography, dreamers vs. business people, growing food by hand, how to deal with peach leaf curl, WWOOFing, cover crops, tillers, communes, the seed business and Uncle Monsanto.

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Tyler Suchman episode 6 Don’t Look At ME podcast

pink moment, Chris T. Wilson, Tyler Suchman, Ojai Post, blog, tourism, podcast, interview, Dennison Wolfe
Me and Tyler with a Pink Moment back drop.

Founder of the Ojai Post blog and digital nomad Tyler Suchman joins me in the barn for episode 006 of the podcast. We talk about his travels to Central America and Europe in 2012 and how he’s finding balance caring for his digital media web consulting clients while on the road.

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Bret Bradigan is my guest on episode 005 of Don’t Look At ME!

Chris T. Wilson, Bret Bradigan, Don't Look At Me, podcast, interview, Ojai Quarterly
If you're happy I live in Ojai, thank Bret Bradigan.

My former boss and the fellow who accepts responsibility for bringing me to Ojai joins me for a conversation in the barn. Bret Bradigan publishes the Ojai Quarterly magazine and monthly real estate magazine for Ojai. He’s been writing about the town’s eccentric people and social culture since 2000.

As publisher of the local newspaper for 9 years, Bret has had a big impact on Ojai, plus his dedication and participation in local organizations and service groups has been a key to this urbane small town journalist corralling some of the best local writers, photographers and creative media artists into his herd.

I have learned a lot from Bret over the years. And he continues to be a source of inspiration to me and the community. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

And I have a conversation with my son Elijah Wilson that deteriorates into a giggle fest pretty quickly.

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