Reed Fish on Don’t Look At Me Podcast

Reed Fish, Chris T. Wilson, Ojai, Podcast
Me and Reed Fish

Hello My Dear Suspicionists,

As you may have considered might potentially happen again, here we release this wonderful episode of the Don’t Look At Me podcast. We being me.

After a brief encounter, I met my guest Reed Fish again while on a glass cleansing gig recently. He and his wife Liz were there taking identically placed but differently lit triplicate photographs of this beach house that was to go on the market. I learned that some software stitches the photo’s together in a way that evens out the lighting, or some such Trompe L’oeil-ish technique that’s good for selling houses. We all visited for a bit. I’d already had a look through the couple’s website Have a look, I like it.

We’d collectively been summoned to this Ventura keys vacant two-story by Lila Francese of Ojai Home. She is in the business of staging and prepping homes for sale on the market. Clean windows and quality photography are a part of that process. I asked Lila about the Fishes and she told me Reed had written a movie and it’s available to instant stream on Netflix. The movie is aptly titled “I’m Reed Fish,” and stars Jay Baruchel and Alexis Bledel. I enjoyed it. You may too.

Reed and Liz are new to the Ojai area and I feel they bring a fitting creative vibe to the region. I was happy to have Reed over to The Bar N and visit with me to record this episode. He also mentions that he and Liz joined the Ojai Valley Lions Club.

Oh and finally, I’ve just donated to Liz Fish’s Indiegogo campaign to go to Ukraine for So check that out.

Ojai Totes at Rainbow Bridge

For the past few weeks, the Ojai Totes by Chris T. Wilson have been sold out at Rainbow Bridge. Some friends, Christie and Hajdeja came down from Fog City and helped dye up a bunch with me and the BooBoo.

ojai face, christwilson, ojai, rainbow bridge
blue tote with rainbow ojai face.
ojai face, christwilson, rainbow bridge, tie dye tote bags, organic
white Ojai face on random dyed tote
ojai face, organic tote, Ojai, chris wilson, rainbow bridge
Pretty in pink the rainbow ojai face organic tote bag
ojai face, rainbow bridge, christwilson, tie dye.
organic tote bronze over pink white Ojai Face by Chris T. Wilson SOLD
organic cotton tote bag, tie dye, rainbow bridge, christwilson
Finely attuned to the frequency of the vibrational omnishpere. Crystal Clutcher tote bag.
White Ojai Face on Dark tie dye tote by Chris T. Wilson
White Ojai Face on Dark tie dye tote by Chris T. Wilson
Light Ojai Face rising in an  emerald sea.
Light Ojai Face rising in an emerald sea.

I cracked open an indigo dye kit and we took our first dips into the world of the this most famous natural dye-stuff. Watch for a post on that process in the future. It was a cool experience on a hot day and offered fun, beautiful and stunning results. Let me suggest that if you have friends visiting, spending a day playing with color can be a most wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company.