Todd Hannigan on Don’t Look At ME podcast 017

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Todd Hannigan and me in his recording studio.
Little Black Kitty makes an intro.

This will likely be my last podcast of 2013. I’m traveling to Holland, Belgium and France for the holidays and will put up some more fresh interviews in January. This has been a great year, I washed a lot of windows, printed a bunch of t-shirts and met some really cool people that I now consider friends. Doing this podcast has really pushed me creatively. I’ve grown in my appreciation of Ojai and I’m even more committed to partaking in the swirling magic of our local community.

Todd Hannigan makes a big inspiring impact on me in this interview. I enjoyed very much geeking out in his state of the art recording studio. Seeing and hearing that sweet high tech gear makes me wanna drain my bank account on a microphone or two. All in good time. But what I really like about Todd is his commitment to an underlying principal of sustainability, community and positive world stewardship. Its seems obvious to me that he’s grateful to be in Ojai feeding into and on the great vibes we have here for making art and having a beneficial impact on the whole world. I can even hear that in the song he sings near the end of the interview. I’m glad you’re tuned in here and I hope you enjoy my visit with Todd.

Todd’s personal website has a bunch of songs on it and more info on him. Todd’s recording studio Brotheryn Studios dot com will give you the further low down on how he’s spreading the good sounds around.

Another gift in 2013 came in the form of a little black ball of mewing fur. She started hanging around the barn so I started feeding her and now we’re getting pretty used to each other. She’s a good talker and enjoys time on the mic. She is the Little Black Kitty.

See you ’round town.