Paul Blackthorne and Mister Basquali on Don’t LOOK at ME! Podcast 018

Paul Blackthorne, Mister Basquali, Ojai, Podcast
Paul Blackthorne, me and Mister Basquali

Actor Paul Blackthorne had me over to his Ojai home recently and he said I could bring my microphones. He has a great house.  I like it because its both modern and rustic. Plus its hillside location and thick stand of pine and oak, make it seem perfectly tucked. Shoes off please. I like that.

Perhaps you’re aware of Paul’s documentary This American Journey. It was shown in a special screening at the 2013 Ojai Film Festival. Now its available on Amazon (use my banner link, thanks) and Hulu. Well, on this visit to Paul’s place he and photographer Mister Basquali were conspiring on the followup to their New York-Los Angeles road trip documentary.

British born Blackthorne and Australian bred Basquali both dreamed of living in the US as children. It’s fun to hear them talk about how their lives were transformed by America. And how their desire to be a part of this country has shaped their destinies.

On the television, Blackthorne plays Detective Quentin Lance on the CW Network show Arrow. Mister Basquali is a renowned art and commercial photographer who owns the Smooch Cafe in Brooklyn, NY’s Fort Greene neighborhood.

Here’s a clip of Paul Blackthorne on ER

I needed an extra mic to record our interplay, so I worked a deal with Don and Patricia over at Cardinali Brother’s Music in Meiners Oaks. Don did a little work on my guitar too. Great folks. Happy they exist. Take some lessons, buy a guitar!