Bret Bradigan is my guest on episode 005 of Don’t Look At ME!

Chris T. Wilson, Bret Bradigan, Don't Look At Me, podcast, interview, Ojai Quarterly

If you're happy I live in Ojai, thank Bret Bradigan.

My former boss and the fellow who accepts responsibility for bringing me to Ojai joins me for a conversation in the barn. Bret Bradigan publishes the Ojai Quarterly magazine and monthly real estate magazine for Ojai. He’s been writing about the town’s eccentric people and social culture since 2000.

As publisher of the local newspaper for 9 years, Bret has had a big impact on Ojai, plus his dedication and participation in local organizations and service groups has been a key to this urbane small town journalist corralling some of the best local writers, photographers and creative media artists into his herd.

I have learned a lot from Bret over the years. And he continues to be a source of inspiration to me and the community. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

And I have a conversation with my son Elijah Wilson that deteriorates into a giggle fest pretty quickly.

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