Don’t Look At Me Podcast 001 with filmmaker Micah Van Hove

Micah Van Hove filmmaker Menthol Movie

Micah Van Hove knows how to stay warm in a winter barn.

Well, here you go, I’m just going to do it. Better done than perfect is not a bad motto in life.

This is the first episode of Don’t Look At Me podcast which originates from a barn studio in the rural Ojai Valley. Here-in I interview Micah Van Hove filmmaker who is working on his debut full-length feature, titled Menthol

I hope you enjoy it and my brief aside with my podcasting and performance inspiration Elijah Wilson.

Learn more about Micah on his website and on the film site: Menthol Movie. His twitter is @umuima follow him he’s going places.

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Thank you so much for listening, have a great weekend.

Yours truly Chris T. Wilson

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