Don’t Look At ME podcast 002 with Richie B. Smith

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Richie B. and Me on Episode #2 woohoo

Had some fun hangin’ with my long time friend Richie B. Smith of Azu and the band Blues Bullet. This episode is much more free form conversation and less interview, but there are interview elements in our talk. Like Aldous Huxley told them to remember at that school down the road, Aun Apprendo – I am still learning.

I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t enjoy it, I hope you listen anyway. And if you decide not to listen, well, remember that I’ve got a new episode coming out next week. But then I’m sure you’ll listen, right?

This episode is in a fairly raw form, almost no editing other than to put up the monologue and closing comments and talking over the music. Using a mixing board is all new to me, so bare with me as a re-learn the art of the mix. I did run sound for a folky Christian band in the early 90s, so I’ll get the hang of it again. This coming week I will figure out how to avoid the pops in the next episode. My audio seemed to be fine and pop free but Richie’s PPPowerful PPPresence or the gain or something was too hot and makes for a bit of a bumpy ride. Bare with me. HEHHEHEEE.

Follow today’s guest Richie Smith on twitter @richiebsmith follow me @christwilson there too. His band Blues Bullet has a facebook fan page that you can “like” all you want.

I also made an offer to give away $20 Papa Lennon’s gift cards to the first 5 callers who want to get their windows washed. Offer is limited to knew customers who spend a minimum of $100 on my services. I set the rules on this, my restrictions and discretions apply. Visit my window washing blog to learn more about my psycho-spiritual-magical squeegee art, craft and skills.

I have submitted this podcast to itunes and am waiting for the review process to complete, at which point I will write a post confirming that the itunes feed has gone live. That is supposed to take about 24 hours. We shall see. But when it’s up I will publish that link.

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Enjoy and feel free to email me with your comments and constructive critiques:

peace and love



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