Don’t Look At Me podcast episode 003 with Jim Bailey

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Jim Bailey is a good angel knowledge fountain. May every shoulder have one.

Famous and popular Ojai Science Teacher Jim Bailey schools me for episode 3 of the Don’t Look At ME Podcast. You are in for a treat. I’m so fortunate to have a few good friends and grateful to have them willing to participate in this experiment in recorded conversation.

Jim Bailey breaks it down for us with the scientific wisdom and knowledge of the likes of zoologist Richard Dawkins and paleontologist Richard Leakey.

Mister Bailey makes the learning so easy to digest when he enlightens us further with his recent implementation of “bulletproof” bio-hacking techniques. I mention 4-Hour biohacker Tim Ferris and personal development obsessionist Steve Pavlina. See Pavlina’s blog for some interesting mind dumping.

Then Mister Bailey tickles his ukulele and serenades our sweet ear drums with a song from which I drew liberally to make today’s episode’s bumper music. Even if you have to skip forward (if you think you can handle missing any sweet drop of this conversational nectar) you’re going to want to hear Jim sing.

But first I dial up my son Elijah Wilson and he talks about “going pro” in his quest for new experiences and maintaining a strong youthful physical form. Apparently he is inspired to try screen printing and stencil design, and he’s trying to figure out his Speedball screen printing kit. He likes go-get-’em-tiger reminders from the likes of Steven Pressfield and Seth Godin. He may get lost in Mitch Hedberg interviews and then he’s leapt across the metaphorical world reading interviews with Sacramento punk, hip hop, noise band Death Grips. Thanks to Minneapolis bike shop Sunrise Cyclery, Elijah can listen to himself from the saddle as he thinks of new jokes and freezes his bones in the mid-west.

Steven Pressfield Ojai Quote

This quote about Ojai alone makes this book a worthwhile read. War of Art by Steven Pressfield

That’s the essence of my inspiration friends. I even put a couple sound effects in this one. Terrence McKenna says “Harry Weiner” and we remember episode 001 bumper musician’s La Chat.

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