Don’t Look At Me podcast Episode 004 with Fire Wolf Skip Schuckmann

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Artist Skip Schuckmann joins me for episode 4 of the podcast

What a gift to know Skip Schuckmann. This man’s ability to rap has challenged my ability to apprehend for nearly a dozen years now. He was one of my earliest friends and mentors in Ojai; providing me with a place to live, a car to drive and words of wisdom that dwell within me to this day.

We laugh at the outset of the conversation realizing that we’ve been visiting for the first 20 minutes or so without recording. Still we pick up and have a wonderful talk that I hope you enjoy and learn from. I’m enlightened further.

From the Kiva’s he’s built at the Ojai Foundation, Full Circle Farm and creek side hovels at Casa Barranca to the fire heated soaking tub and free form art he created on the back patio of the art gallery experiment he co-created in downtown Ojai in 2001, Skip has been a dynamic aspect of what is the fringe creative element that has been swirling in the Ojai Valley since long before it was given that name. That means a lot to me even if it is hard to put into words. I like how it feels to try and practically apply his wisdom to my own life and there-in find my own wisdom.

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