Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill promo t-shirts.

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Rob Tucker of Fresh Grill burrito fame, sporting a new t-shirt printed by me.

I guess you could call me a classic servant, because there is nothing I love more than taking orders. Especially for t-shirt printing gigs for my favorite Ojai friends and business associates.

Today, I met with Rob Tucker, of Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill. Have you heard the song that plays on their website: http://www.jimandrobsojai.com/?

“So what are you waiting for?
You’re in for a gastronomical thrill
Grab a chair and set your butt down
At Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill”

I love the veggie burrito and their cell phone check in thing that sends me text messages about specials and lets me know when I have a free plate of grub available to eat. Carmen loves the Margaritas.

I should have the shirts printed and delivered by Monday Sept. 17, 2012. Check them out and have a chimichanga or fajita or tamale, or a burger. Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill Ojai is located at 214 W. Ojai Ave. Suite 101. Call in to go orders (805) 640-1301.

email mail@christwilson.com if you have any questions.

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