Lissie on Don’t Look At Me Podcast episode 12

Me in the Squeegeelution and Lissie in her new vintage Stetson Open Road.

A few months back, I was at a local watering hole with my friend Joe who you may know from Ojai Healing Movement and the advertising place mats you see in the restaurants around Ojai, and we’re sitting there yucking it up and there’s a handful of Ojai’s resident recording artists sitting a few tables away and among them is this adorable blonde smoking cigarettes and laughing and going on with these guys. And it came out that this young lady is known as Lissie.

I had not heard of her, which isn’t that surprising since there’s a lot going on these days and this little Valley is in a constant state of change. But I went home that night and googled her up and thus began my fascination with this rising musical superstar.

Fast forward to last week. I had made a few requests to our favorite ukulele strumming, surfing science teacher Jim Bailey, to get me with some podcast guests, and what do you know? Well, he hooked it up proper and put me in touch with Lissie and she said “Yes.”

So I went over to her place and we sat on the porch and visited for a few hours. Now, I could take hours to go through our two hour conversation and edit it down, but instead I just leave it as is in all of its glory to let you decide which parts to edit out, skip over. I suggest listening to the whole thing. Get inspired by this driven, confident young woman. We cover a lot of ground and the conversation bounces around a bit, but ultimately I really enjoyed this one a lot and I hope you do too.

Thanks for checking it out. You can hear Lissie perform when she hosts the Beachwood Rockers Society at the historical Deer Lodge roadhouse on April 6, 2013. Check the link for details.


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