Michael Saidman of Deer Leg Band on Don’t Look At Me podcast

Hi there, heard you missed me. Well I’m back with a vengeance to do a podcast pretty often. How’s that?

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Inside the airstream living the Ojai dream, that’s me and Michael Saidman.

This one’s with Michael Saidman of Deer Leg Band. I first heard Saidman’s music on Ojai Free Song Studio one day while I was prospecting around for nuggets of Ojai gold on the internet. And when I heard what SaidmanSaid, I was intrigued, so I bought the album and made contact.

Going through my channels, I was able to get hold of Saidman and conduct this fun filled evening visit and when his lady Kat arrived they sang and played for me and I share that with you my patient listeners as well as two other tracks interspersed in the podcast. Enjoy.

I’m experimenting with the concept of tossing breaks into the podcast now as well to kind of give plenty of room for elbows and asthmatics. It’s a process. Tell your friends.


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