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Here's the logo for the Don't Look At Me Podcast

The Don’t Look At Me podcast debuted on January 4, 2013 with guest Micah Van Hove and hallucinations by Elijah Wilson.

I plan to release an episode each Friday morning. The show format is a brief monologue followed by a one-on-one interview with the area’s creative, crafty and inspiring people. Together, we’ll look at the world around us through an Ojai lens and discover a deeper understanding of our creative intentions. Ultimately I hope to serve the creative community here in the Ojai Valley. I feel so fortunate to be here and each day feel more compelled to dream, create and publish.

This is free media for the Ojai Valley and beyond. I am open to sponsors. The window washing services I provide and the t-shirt print offerings are my means for sponsoring this show. I’m also using affiliate Amazon links to generate income for the podcast. Please go to the home page and click on the banner or product link on the right and make a purchase. Don’t dawdle, don’t drop some thing in your cart and then get up to feed the cat. Follow through, make the purchase and then Amazon gives me a few percent of the sale. It doesn’t increase the price for you. I’m also open to donations. If you’re entertained or inspired by something you hear here, feel absolutely free to send some Paypal money my way.

For reference: The studio is in a casually converted barn in rural Ojai. It is composed of an old Compaq laptop running Audacity on Windows XP, a Behringer Xenyx Q1202 USB mixer and two Shure SM57 microphones.

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