Quin Shakra on Don’t Look At Me Podcast 007

Chris T. Wilson and Quin Shakra at Mano Farm in Meiners Oaks

Me and Quin Shakra at Mano Farm in Meiners Oaks

Hello, I’m happy to have Quin Shakra as my guest today on Don’t Look At Me podcast. Quin runs Mano Farm and All Good Things Organic Seed company. We have an interesting visit that touches on local geography, dreamers vs. business people, growing food by hand, how to deal with peach leaf curl, WWOOFing, cover crops, tillers, communes, the seed business and Uncle Monsanto.

Most important things are to be aware of the seed swap on Feb. 23, 2013 at Chaparral Auditorium in Ojai, save 15% on your purchases at agtoseeds.com with the code “christwilson” at checkout and please rate and review the podcast in itunes.

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Oh, one other thing. Donate a portable digital recorder like the Zoom H4N or the Tascam DR-40 to the Don’t Look At Me podcast. Do it anonymously. And stuff.

See you at the Seed Swap.

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