Rain Perry on Don’t Look At ME podcast 009

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How fitting that Rain Perry wears the Squeegee Power and joins me on the podcast.

My upper Ojai neighbor Rain Perry swings by the barn to folk things up a bit. We shoot it about family, songwriting, and Keanu Reeves. I heard Rain perform last year at the Ojai Art Center Jammin’ series. And its one of the few times in my life when live music actually got me misty eyed. It was something about her warm inviting accessible sound and then these simple poetic emotionally layered lyrical melodies. Truly amazing.

It’s good to get to know her better. I wash Rain’s windows and I’d like to wash yours too. Learn more about Rain on her website. And send her some dopamine bursts by retweeting her @rainperry and liking her facebook statuses. Here’s a link to her reverbnation.com page. You can hear all the songs that I play on the podcast here. I believe her version of Let’s Get It On is the best cover of that song EVER.

Enjoy the show.

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