Hello, welcome to my website. I’m Chris T. Wilson. I reside and create in the upper Ojai Valley of Southern California, USA, Planet Earth.

Trained as an entrepreneur by losing and quitting a lot of jobs (paper boy, auto body shop assistant, construction crew, warehouse manager, awning installer, audio text book reader, disabled student driver, commercial floor cleaning specialist, janitor, hotel housekeeper, lab technician, drapery cleaning services salesman, window washer, general assignment reporter, news photographer, electric scooter salesman, electric car wiring assistant, art gallery sales, art fair sales, artist assistant, wedding magazine creative director, public relations, high school English teacher, high school librarian, boarding school dorm parent, medical marijuana mule and a few more I’m forgetting at the moment) I have, in recent years, settle on fine home window washing, t-shirt screen printing and design, and a bit of freelance journalism as my means of survival. I get restless and distracted pretty quickly so I need to be creative and use my hands and skills to give service or create something.

Living in Ojai since 2001 and in Washington State prior to that, I have found an artist inside that enjoys creating t-shirt designs and screen printing them. I also find a lot of satisfaction in proving window cleaning services to the beautiful home owners (and a few select businesses) of this paradise valley. Educated as a news writer in college, I still write stories occasionally for the local press, usually about Ojai people and their bicycles, music, art and innovations.

In 2013 I started a podcast for Ojai. I could certainly stand to do that more often.

I’m inspired mostly by my two sons Elijah and Enoch, my sweet and wonderful lover Sonia Erneux and a scad of others, like Joe Cocke, Jim Bailey, Elisabeth Maurus, Benjamin Storz, Karl Tutsch, Lorenzo Hagerty, Duncan Trussell, Johnny Pemberton and Raymond Carver.

This is likely to change from time to time. Gotta keep things fresh. Read about me more often.

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  1. preposterous, unfounded malarkey. i dont believe anything you say except what is done or intended to do. christwilson wears many hats and leaves them lying everywhere. don’t believe anything you read hear. christwilson collects hats for the benefit of others.

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