Sonia Erneux on Dont Look At Me Podcast 008

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My BooBoo Sonia Erneux visits with me in the garden.

Been a little sick for the past week. Upper respiratory congestion, plugged bronchials and so on. I won’t bore you. So I kindly asked my Booboo Sonia if she’d be on the mics with me this week and it turned out wonderfully. Sonia designs Love Tanjane her clothing line that’s produced locally and sells all over the world. She blogs pretty regularly on matters of decor and design, art and food and other things she finds inspiring here: StuffSoniaLoves. She posts her paintings on her other blog: SoniaPaintsStuff. We talk about art and alcohol, sing Sugarman over and over again, and giggle.

I catch up with my baby boy Enoch Wilson on the phone. We discuss his IMDB profile and role in the Jack Me movie of 2008 that’s available on Amazon instant video. To see his comic lines and his brother Elijah’s confessions as well in this very bad parody of the Super Size Me documentary, skip forward to minute 47:00. Those scenes were shot at Happy Valley School in the commons during the summer of 2007 I think.

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I mention the Calton Institute’s book Rich Food Poor Food. They are on the Bullet Proof Executive’s blog. I’ll be setting up the affiliate banner for Bullet Proof Exec soon. On the podcast front, I enjoy Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast and want to acknowledge it. Figure it out… Enjoy this show.

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