Steve Sprinkel on Don’t Look at ME podcast 16

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Farmer Steve Sprinkel and me

Since 2001 Steve Sprinkel and Olivia Chase — The Farmer and The Cook respectively — have been serving up organic food at their casual corner grocery and restaurant in the Ojai Valley borough of Meiners Oaks. It’s real good food.

On this episode of the podcast, Sprinkel sits down with me in his humming organic office at the market and we discuss the state of affairs with local, regional and national issues around farming food production and regulation. If that seems boring, quit being so negative. Steve is a local legend and a regional and national expert on these issues, plus he’s one of the most entertaining characters I know in town. I think you’ll enjoy this episode and likely want to tell a friend or neighbor about it.

I’m grateful for the Farmer and the Cook because they support my window washing efforts at their store and they now carry the “Organic Or Else” tie dyed tote bags that are printed by my hands with an ominous image of Sprinkel’s mug.

organic, tote bag, tie dye, organic or else, steve sprinkel, ollivia chase, ojai, meiners oaks, farmer and the cook
The Organic Or Else tote bag by christwilson available exclusively at Farmer and the Cook

I couldn’t resist. Go in there to the store at 339 W. El Roblar Drive in Meiners Oaks and check out the bags, the windows, the people, the soup and the bulk foods… for starters.

And kindly enjoy this conversation, brought to you in part by the Ojai App for your smartphone, now with the 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide. Get it on your phone and keep up with your local community more completely.

Cheers and thank you so much for supporting and listening and commenting and saying “hello” when I’m out and about in our beautiful paradise valley home. Goodness we’re the fortunate few.

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