The Ojai Bored Game

Note the irony please. We’re not really here, if we’re actually bored. But no one will deny that it’s pretty easy to slip into decadence negligence on occasion in the indulgent Earthen cleft. That’s why this game exists. Check yourself and your friends. Find the truth that you’ve created and have known to be speaking loud and clear all along.

Gather with a friend or two, focus and breath upon a question and then let the unknown take care of things.

your future is divine.
The Ojai Bored Game: Your Future is Divined.

I’m custom making these. They are hand printed on vintage wood. Approximately 11×13 inches. The planchette is hand shaped. $33 free shipping in US.

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3 thoughts on “The Ojai Bored Game”

  1. You need a proof reader and editor if you want to be taken seriously.
    I mean, seriously…. “focus and breath”? The word is breathe. And “slip into decadence indulgence”? No, decadent indulgence. Truly, I am not trying to be unkind, rude or hyper-critical; but correct grammar and syntax is still important if you want to be taken seriously by educated people.

  2. Actually edit should be “focus a breath,” and it’s “decadence negligence,” not indulgence, which stands just fine as is. However, it should also be this, not the Earthen cleft.
    Thanks for lookin’ out maggie phelps!

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