Variations on the Ojai Face theme.

Since the mid oughts when I created my first Cafe Press store and brought the Ojai Face into existence, the desire to print, publish, fold, spindle and mutilate the word OJAI has driven me to the edges of prurient folly.

Recently, I’ve been taking iconic images from pop culture and esoteric symbology then skewing, warping, pasting, blurring and sharpening the Ojai Face onto them. Perhaps you saw the GONZOJAI tribute to Hunter S. Thompson.

I present to you the PSYCHOJAI. I love this. The whole concept of merging and recreating recognizable art from a themed word that in itself is unusual enough to form a recognizable face shape that can be plastered all over things. Obsessed much?

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You'll feel better after a hot shower.



so then there’s the next one.













It’s a little corny to me to call this Baphomet Ojai or BAPHOJAI. It harkens to my love of the mysteries, the arcane, the magickal, occult and esoteric. This spirit is alive and simmering in Ojai, I’m sure. Betwixt the Theosophists and some of the more eccentric yogis, I’m sure there’s tens of people who’d smile at this design.

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I don't not feel not baaaad






I’m putting them in the store.

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