Squeegee HEE HEE a contest at Window Cleaning Resource

I did this new Squeegeelution based design incorporating the King of POP Michael jackojai Jackson. Interestingly, Window Cleaning Resource dot com who recently signed a licensing deal to run with the Squeegeelution Design in building a decorated clothing, accessory and product brand.

Now they are trying to push other window cleaners to be creative designers too. I like that because it inspires me. Here’s a few of the designs I’ve dreamed up over the weekend.

Matrix, Squeegeelution, WCR, Chris T. Wilson, Ojai

Remember its all an illusion.

BAD, SqueegeePower, Jacko, Pop, Chris T. Wilson, Ojai, Window Washing, WCR

Power Pop goes the Squeegee


Squeegee Horns

Squeegeelution, Squeegeepower, Window Cleaning Fist, Window Washing Fist, Revolution

The Squeegeelution Design by Chris T. Wilson


So how would you redesign and create your own version of the Squeegeelution. If you come up with something, email it to me.

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